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Gymnastic exercises

Gymnastic exercises have effect not only on various systems of the body as a whole and on separate groups of muscles and joints, allowing you to recover and develop some motor qualities - strength, speed, coordination, etc. In this regard, they are divided into General (tonic) and special. Bracing exercises aimed at improving and strengthening the entire body. The purpose of special exercises - selective effect on a particular part of the musculoskeletal system, for example on the foot with flat feet or her traumatic injury; on the spine during its deformation; in particular the joint with limitation of movement. Exercises for the body buy steroids uk in its physiological effects on the body are a tonic for a healthy person. For the patient, e.g. disease of the spine (scoliosis, osteochondrosis, etc.), they are included in the group of special exercises, so as contribute to the decision directly to the medical problem - correction of the spine, increasing spinal mobility, muscle strengthening, surrounding, and etc.

Different movements for the feet are among the tonic when playing with healthy individuals. The same exercises injectablesteroids are applied according to a certain method in patients after surgery on the lower extremities, are special, because with their help there is functional recovery of the limb.

Thus, the same exercise for one person may be obshherazvivajushhego, for another special. In addition, the same exercises depending on the method of their application can contribute to the solution of different tasks. For example, extension or flexion at the knee or elbow joint in one patient may be applied for the development of mobility in the joint, the other to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint (exercises with weights, resistance), the third - for the development of the musculo-articular feelings (the accurate reproduction of a predetermined amplitude of movement without visual control). Special exercises are usually used uk steroids shop in conjunction with obshherazvivajushhego.

The basis of classification of physical exercises put a few signs.

Symptom of anatomical. Isolated exercises for fine (hand, foot, face), medium (neck, forearm, Shin, shoulder, thigh), large (extremities, trunk) muscle groups.

The nature of muscle contraction. The testosterone-supplements nature of muscle contraction physical exercises are divided into dynamic (isotonic) and static (isometric).

Dynamic exercises. The most common dynamic movements in which a muscle works in the isotonic mode. Thus there is alternation of the periods of contraction with periods of relaxation, i.e. driven joints of the extremities or torso. Examples of dynamic exercises can serve as bending and unbending the arms in the elbow joint, abduction of the arm in the shoulder joint, the inclination of a trunk forward, to the side. The degree of muscle tension when performing dynamic exercises is dosed at the expense of the lever, the speed of movement of the roaming segment of the body and the degree of muscle tension.